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James Arrives

I can count on at least one visit a year from my good friend James. Welcome, dude. If tonight’s indicative of what’s to come, this visit will be a good one! Read More

A Couple of Great Shots From Wisconsin

It’s not that I have a soft spot for cute kids in leaf piles. It’s just that this is the sort of picture parents tend to e-mail to their victims friends. In fact, some of these images are pretty good – like this one. This adorable shot of Leah was taken by her Dad, Jeff Read More

A Roast With the Rowes

Just to be sure we’d had our fill of MEAT on our trip, Steve prepared a huge slab of bison for dinner with Jim and Wendy Rowe on Friday. He paired the meat with a few rare and delightful reds. Yum! Read More

Baraboo Circus Museum

Another destination never seen by thedude or Kelly is the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The museum is loaded with colorful and often hilarious circus posters from the past. Out back there are two large warehouses filled with meticulously restored circus wagons. Cool! Read More

Devil’s Lake

As I mentioned earlier, the fall colors probably peaked a week after we left Wisconsin, but since neither of us had ever been to Devil’s Lake, we decided to make the drive anyway. It turned out to be the perfect way to spend a Thursday afternoon. There were just a handful of people at the Read More


We visited Chicago on Wednesday. Steve, Kelly and thedude started the day at the opulent Four Seasons Chicago Luxury Hotel. The oysters and sushi were OK, but we give the view and atmosphere five stars. Next, Kelly dragged us to Water Tower Place where we peered through windows at a whole lot of things we Read More

More Hilights From Our Visit to Wunnerful Wisconsin

Tuesday was a busy day with an outstanding lunch at B.J. Wentger’s in Burlington, a short tour of Lake Como aboard the Kimpossible and finally a prime rib dinner with old friends at Eric and Bonnie’s fabulous estate. Kelly had a chance to witness the heart-warming hippotherapy program offered on the property before we warmed Read More

Dinner with Chef Dieter

It should come as no surprise that food and wine have played a significant role in our trip so far. We had an excellent Alsacienne meal at the Chef’s Corner in Williams Bay. Dieter provided the fine cuisine, Steve supplied numerous bottles of rare wine, and we finished the evening off with a bottle of Read More

My Most Favorite-est Model

I never get tired of shooting Kelly. I’m extremely lucky to have such a patient and beautiful wife. 🙂 Read More

Some Things Never Change

What trip would be complete without a visit to John’s Main Event? It is always great to see all of you. A special thanks to Kalvin, Scott, Julie, Lexy and Lynne for going the extra mile to be there. I wish we could see each other much more often! Read More

Kerry and Matt Wed in Wisconsin

Kerry and Matt were married yesterday in a lovely ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in Burlington. I think the bride was particularly beautiful. 🙂 Congratulations, Matt and Kerry! Read More

Jumpin’ Jack Chestnut

From time to time friends send me fabulous images. This is definitely one of them. Meet Jack. The black and white is a nice touch don’t you think? It really sets off the metallic costume from its leafy surroundings. Most excellent costume and photography by Siobhan Chestnut. Fabulous! Read More

Steve’s Stude’s

Steve with two of his three beloved Studebakers. The black one is a 1962 Studebaker Grand Turismo – one of just 7700 ever made. (Yes, that’s Kelly in the back seat.) The other is a 1958 Silver Hawk. Steve also owns a blue Commander, (1962?) but it was not able to make it to the Read More

More from Wisconsin

A few more of my favorites from our day at Eric and Bonnie’s. Read More

I’ve Been Horribly Lazy…

It seems like months since we last traveled to Wisconsin. I made the mistake of shooting more than 800 pictures, and the thought of prepping them for the blog has been daunting, to say the least! I’ll see if I can get a few shots up from time to time. Thanks soooo much to our Read More

Wisconsin – Again

I took Kelly with me on my second trip to Wisconsin this year. We had such a wonderful time that we’re just about ready to move there. (I know – before we do that I need to bring her to Wisconsin in February…) We spent much of our time in Williams Bay, but also visited Read More

See if You Can Guess the Topic of This Post!

I’m guessing that these shots were taken at Christmas, based on Dee Dee’s sweater and on the fact that the Blade is seen playing the accordian on other shots from this roll of film. Does anyone remember the year? Read More

Dave and Kalvin in the “Bad Ride”

Ok, from time to time, I’m gonna post images that have significance to just a few people – mostly from my illustrious past. I aplogize to those of you who find this stuff boring or adolescent or both. It has meaning to ME, and, well, that’s what this site is about, right? So, here are Read More

Returning to Wisconsin Next Month

Kelly and I will be back in Wisconsin from September 23rd through the 29th. Woo-hoo! As always, we have a lot to cram into this short trip. I’ll be bringing all of my photo gear because I have been asked to photograph my good friends Huns and Dr. Beeker. We’ll be using the shots on Read More

Scanning Old Images Again

Due to popular demand, I have begun to scan my old slides and negatives again. In the process, I am coming across images of which I have no memory whatsoever – like this one. Can anyone tell me where I was when I shot this picture of Jeff in September or October of 1989? Read More

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