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Fall Colors in Wisconsin

Thanks, Dave for sending this shot of Lori & Pat’s tree. What’s that then, a maple? Is this tree in Lyons, Wisconsin? Who are Lori and Pat?

Kerry & Matt

Kerry and Matt paid a visit to the Bay Area. We spent a few food-filled days traveling up and down the coast. I will be posting more pictures as soon as possible!

DSC_1011 Corn duo soup.
Jim's wonderful steak and fries at the Cliff House. Golden Gate National

Laughing Dogs

Once in a while a friend sends a photo that amazes me. Dave was practicing with his new camera, and managed to capture this cool image of googly-eyed puppies going crazy in the Wisconsin snow.

Maybe dogs do have emotions!

Dave, I’d say this picture proves that some pet-owners do look just like their pets! 🙂

Mark Lands in the Bay Area

Welcome! You certainly picked a gorgeous day to fly in to Oakland.

More Snow Blankets from Wisconsin

Thanks, Bob for the very cool shots!

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