Devil’s Lake

As I mentioned earlier, the fall colors probably peaked a week after we left Wisconsin, but since neither of us had ever been to Devil’s Lake, we decided to make the drive anyway. It turned out to be the perfect way to spend a Thursday afternoon. There were just a handful of people at the lake. Peaceful, quite, ahhh… Placemark

devils_lake_1.jpg leaves.jpg

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  1. Cindy says:

    I sure hope that you hiked the bluffs around the lake….. It’s spectacular, although quite a workout.

    During the summer months, we’ve hiked the bluff and then taken the rocks along the shoreline back (vs. hiking around the whole lake). Of course, by this time we’re hot and sweaty so a dip into the glacial lake is the perfect way to cool off….ahhhh. There are several huge boulders along the way which make perfect diving spots.

    Did you know that Devil’s Lake is one of only 2 places in Wisconsin that has timber rattle snakes? There are also copper heads. Bob has seen both there, luckily I’ve never seen either.


  2. Wen says:

    Bee-yu-tiful! Heavy sigh, I love fall….our trees are just beginning to turn down here. Pumpkins, turkey and tinsel are just around the corner!


  3. Mark says:

    Dude you have got to post more. Please tell me you did climb the bluffs.

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