I Truly Hate Hiking

Unless of course it’s near Jackson, Wyoming. Hiking isn’t the only thing we did in Jackson Hole. We also shopped and ate way too much. And of course, we took a few pictures. (Some of the best shots from this trip were shot by the Kellster!) It’s hard to pick favorites. Here are just a…

Fifty-Eight Big Ones

Can you believe it? thedude certainly can not! We celebrated the auspicious occasion with a marvelous party. A huge thanks to Chris and Ben for hosting the event, and to Red for the super-fine grillin’! Click here if you want to see a few more shots.

Grillin’ with the Gang

Chris and Ben prepared pork AND lamb for last weekend’s feast. I’m trying out settings on the Fuji X100s. Hope you like the “HD” aspect ratio. These were shot with the Film Simulation mode set to “Pro Negative, High Contrast”. Now, I usually (always) shoot RAW, but it turns out that there are some advantages…

Second Super Sunday

What fun! Great game, even if the wrong team came out on top. We first took a shot like this last year, and decided to do it again in 2013. Looking forward to a third shot in 2014!

On Location

Our trip to Death Valley was not strictly for pleasure — we had an ulterior motive. Chris has just made a remarkable meteorological discovery that will be ‘officially’ announced by the United Nations WMO (World Meteorological Organization) later this spring. It’s all very exciting, and helps to explain the film crew trailing him in the…

How Low Can You Go?

If you’re on land and in North America, the answer to that question is, “282 feet below sea level”.  

Welcome to Wyoming

Here is my second attempt at recreating one of Ansel Adams’ masterpieces. A faithful reader points out that in this shot of Kelly in the the canyon, the mountain on the left (Mt. Owen) is 6000 vertical feet above Kelly and the peak is just one mile as the bird flies from that spot —…

No Fireworks Here

According to weather expert Chris, The San Francisco Bay Area was the coldest spot in the US this Fourth of July, with the possible exception of a few locations in Alaska. Along with temperatures in the 50’s came the famous fog, which obliterated any hope of seeing any fireworks. Oh well… We did get to…

So Much to Be Thankful For

Wonderful friends, perfect Bay Area weather, fantastic food. An awesome day. Love to all of you from thedude and Kellster!

The Best Wine We’ve Ever Tasted

Last night was our 6th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, I made my soon-to-be-famous skirt steak for dinner with our best friends – Chris and Ben. We opened a 1994 Coppola zinfandel with dinner, which turned out to be outstanding. (Thanks, Dave and Sonja!) But the real treat was the sensational dessert wine Chris was kind…

More from Wyoming

Chris knows this part of the world like the back of his hand, so he took us to several of his favorite spots. He led us on a few short hikes and one very long one. (More on that later.) We drove up Shadow Mountain, (Google Earth Placemark) and back down to Jenny Lake for…

I Will Work for Food

At least when it’s Ben’s fabulous Thai cooking! Last night I got her wireless networking going in exchange for a fabulous for dinner. I think I got the better end of this deal. 🙂

Very Special Friends

One of the world’s foremost authorities on Indonesia, the always lovely and vivacious Ben, the world’s authority on extreme weather and the world’s number one wife – all in the same shot! The occasion was a dinner to celebrate Bill Dalton’s sale of his home in Chico and his permanent move to Bali. Best of…

A Fabulous Party for a Beautiful Friend

The setting for Ellen’s 50th birthday celebration was almost as gorgeous as the Birthday Girl herself. Last night’s party at Solea in San Francisco was splendid. The food and wine were delicious, and as you can see, there were beautiful people everywhere. Thanks to Itzik for pulling it all together!