Some Things Never Change

What trip would be complete without a visit to John’s Main Event?

johns_julie_scott.jpg johns_lexy.jpg
johns_lynne_jim_ann.jpg johns_jimmyd_kalvin.jpg

It is always great to see all of you. A special thanks to Kalvin, Scott, Julie, Lexy and Lynne for going the extra mile to be there. I wish we could see each other much more often!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Even though John’s has become tradition, we really have to find somewhere else to meet. I lost my voice ‘yelling’ at everyone so I could be heard over the music. It’s just too difficult to catch up when you can hardly hear what anyone is saying. Or, maybe it’s just because we’re getting old (except Mikey – according to him he’s just hitting his stride). As always, great to see you and Kelly again. Cindy

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