Blustery Day on the Bay

With temperatures on the bay hovering around 50 degrees, it might not have been an ideal day for a Hornblower Cruise. Nevertheless, the mighty IT team braved the elements and posed for the obligatory group shot.

Farewell, Hugh

Yesterday my coworkers and I met at Kitty’s in Emeryville to send off another of my favorite coworkers. Hugh (aka Huge) and I have worked side-by-side for almost six years. He’s an amazingly talented SysAdmin, musician and a great friend. I am very sad to see him go. Best wishes to you, Hugh!

Woo! Scary!

Halloween is upon us. My first party of the season was at work today. Mwa-haa-haa-haaaaa.

Bon Voyage, Nick!

My talented young coworker Nick is moving to a remote part of southeastern Arizona. That’s a bit of a bummer. But there is a silver lining – he’ll continue to work for Affymetrix – remotely! Thanks to Nick’s many skills and Linux/FreeBSD, this should be no problem at all. Best of luck to you, Nick!…