Sophie, Revisited

She’s a sweet 16-year-old now, and in need of some photos for her yearbook. She’s changed a bit since I took this shot of her eight years ago.

Seeing Double

Kellster at the fabulous DeYoung Museum.

This Turned Out Nice

Impromptu shot during a corporate event last night under some of the worst lighting ever. Hand held – 1/13th of a second, wide open, ISO 1250. Fuji 56mm f1.2 lens.

Cawley Christmas Card

I have wanted to post this one for a while, but had to wait until after Christmas. I’m pretty pleased with these joyful shots. They look great on the card.


It’s hard not to get a good shot when your subject is as cute as Sophie, but there’s something else I like about this shot, and that is that is was not a posed shot. I saw her sitting there and took two quick shots in the (indoor) available light. Snap, snap! It took three…

Last Night at San Gregorio Beach

I’m pretty happy with this shot of my wife with her parents and best friends Jeff and Wendy. To make it, I used my new FourSquare lighting system, held high above my head while I clutched the D3 with the other hand and snapped this about 30 minutes after sunset. The colors in this one…