Fifty Big Ones

Congratulations, Mike and Myrna! To me, the coolest thing about this reunion is that Kelly’s aunt and uncle were able to round up all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen from their wedding – fifty years ago. Amazing. Mike and Myrna have this spectacular view from their remote ranch north of tiny Friant, California.

Congratulations, Bailey and Oscar!

Bailey and Oscar tied the knot this weekend at a lovely ceremony. Luckily, they hired a professional photographer, which left me free to concentrate on the fun and the pretty girls!

I Don’t Do Weddings

However, I will make an exception for Antonio Piccolboni! He’s been a huge fan of my photography for five years, a terrific coworker and friend. I could not turn him down. Antonio and Maria were married in a charming Quaker ceremony in a spectacular amphitheater at the Berkeley Botanical Gardens. Congratulations, Antonio and Maria!

Shane and Tanya’s Wedding

Looking at my blog, you might think I like shooting wedding photos. Well, I don’t, really. It’s a lot of nerve-racking work. It involves lugging camera gear around for hours trying to stay cool while worrying about the zillions of things things could go wrong! For me, most of the challenges are related to lighting…