That was Fun

Lots of wine and food. Perfect weather. Good times.

James Was Here

OK – I’ve been feeling kinda bad. My pal Jim visited for a week, and, despite great conversation, great weather and meals at places like Haven, Sea Salt and of course Chop Bar, I took a grand total of one photograph. With a cheap-ass point-and-click. I guess it could have been worse – I could…

Warmest Day of the Year

Jim Rowe’s visit is coinciding with some spectacular Bay Area weather. The high temperature in Oakland was only in the upper 50’s, but in the warm sun it felt like 75. Perfect weather for oysters on the pier at the Lake Chalet. Later, we went up to Skyline Ranch to visit with Kelly and Bandit.

A Roast With the Rowes

Just to be sure we’d had our fill of MEAT on our trip, Steve prepared a huge slab of bison for dinner with Jim and Wendy Rowe on Friday. He paired the meat with a few rare and delightful reds. Yum!  

The Day Started Out Well Enough…

Of course, after breakfast at Paragon, wine tasting at Rosenblum, sushi at Tachibana and not one, but TWO strong mai tai’s at the Conga Lounge, we all felt a teensy bit thrashed by the end of the day. Good thing I won’t be seeing these people again for almost four whole weeks! 😉