Next door neighbor Alex also paints. Seems I know a lot of artists. Lucky me! I think I have this whole Brenizer thing worked out. I purchased a proper VR rig from Really Right Stuff, and now making these is a breeze. I can shoot a whole 49 image series in less than two minutes….

Some graffiti is better

Spotted at the corner of 17th and Broadway today. Look at the artist’s gallery for a better view of this awesome art.


I am so happy to have Jack as a friend and neighbor. And not just because he was kind enough to sit for me today. It’s also because he possesses many things I covet, none less than his cool and inspiring workspace filled with tools and toys. I feel my creativity jump whenever I set…

The Brenizer Method

This weekend I learned of the Brenizer Method This photographic technique creates images of very high resolution and very shallow depth of field. The resulting “bokeh panorama” simulates the look of a very large (8 x 10) format camera with your basic digital camera. Excellent! I could not wait to try this for myself, but…

Nova in the Booth

Kelly’s birds definitely do not want anything to do with this shiny contraption, but I was able to get this cool shot of Nova just as she began her escape.

Joanna Makes Paper Art

Talented friend and neighbor Joanna has started to produce a series of woven paper pieces. They range in size from approximately 20 x 30″ down to about 10″ x 10″. They’re meticulously made and very cool. They look best when displayed as a group, so you can’t buy just one. 🙂 Joanna has a web…

3d Loft Project

I’m on the Architectural Committee here in the lofts. We’re hoping to do a little sprucing up next year, so we need a 3D model of the building. I mean, obviously, right? Since Cinema4D 17 includes a new SketchUp importer, I thought it’d be cool to do the modeling in SketchUp. This way, everyone would…


It’s true – the new 5K iMac is mind-blowing. Ii takes just a few minutes on a 5K retina display to realize that there will be no going back. After my boss saw it, I had no trouble convincing him that I could not live without a 5K display at work. So now I’ve been…

Weekend Renders

There’s a reasonable chance that I’ll be asked to serve on the board of our Home Owner’s Association in a few months, and one topic that will be revisited again is an update of the interior of our building. A facelift is long overdue, and having a few convincing 3D renders may go a long…

Loving Loft Life

Looking to my left… I took another shot at a bit of an angle. It’s amazing how such a minor shift in perspective can create such a major change.

The Lobby With Lighter Colors

I’ve actually started a blog for my neighbors to gather opinions about possible color schemes for our remodel. Here’s another of several examples. After I rendered this one, I realized that there is a light leak from the right. The small amount of light leaking in from the blue sky accounts for the green tint…

Light Painting

I was motivated to take a few shots during a 6 – 1/2 hour power outage last night. I figured the unusual lighting might produce some interesting results. I brought along a flashlight so I could see where I was walking, and figured it might be fun to try and do add drama to my…

Gettin’ Better All the Time

Things just keep getting better and better in the Jack London District. It’s been a long time coming, but it seems almost every week, there’s a new and exciting business opening in the area. Last night we dined at a new restaurant two blocks away – Encuentro. The 100% vegetarian menu was 100% delicious. And…

1962 – 2009

I attempted to recreate exactly the black and white photo, shot in 1962. I took several shots, but could not seem to find the exact spot the original was taken from, but one thing seems clear – the middle of the road has shifted somewhat to the left.

The New Bathroom

We decided we had had it with the white tile and grimy grout. We decided to go in a completely different direction. We think it was a good decision. I can’t decide what I like most, the fabulous shower or the speakers in the ceiling. 🙂 The mood around here is definitely up-beat. Turns out…

Bird Fight!

The normal state of affairs as up to eight birds jostle for a seat on one of the two tiny perches.


A couple of these buggers probably eat half of the seed I put out. Anyway, I had no idea how pretty doves are until I saw this shot.

Pano of the Day, 2000

Shot on the roof on May 7, 2000. Boy, a lot has changed since then. Rendered with AutoPano Pro – this pano never looked so good.


There was a small fire early this morning in our building’s new restaurant. It looks like a bucket of kitchen rags smoldered for hours before creating just enough heat to cause a sprinkler head to blow in the kitchen area of our favorite eatery. The fire and smoke caused far less damage than the deluge…

It’s Olive!

My wonderful friend Olive needed a picture to accompany an article she wrote for a blog, so we went outside with the long lens and had some fun.

MōNO Grand Opening Soiree

The Grand Opening at our favorite new restaurant appeared to be a smashing success. Lots of delicious food, wine and a few of our favorite neighbors. Thanks, Todd and Eloisa! BTW, I went “old school” when I shot these. Just to see what kind of results I could get, I mounted an older Nikkor 50…

Strike a Pose

Olive and an over-abundance of hair products? How could that not lead to some fun?

MoNo “Soft Opening”

The new restaurant opened its doors for dinner last night. The invitation-only event, held primarily for residents of the building, neighbors and close friends, was a smashing success. I can say without reservation that the food and wine at our new restaurant is excellent. It was also a blast to hang out with some of…

New Restaurant, New Camera, New Lens – All Excellent!

I had to work at home today so that I could be here to deal with a few building issues. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I finally had the chance to eat lunch at MōNO – the highly-anticipated new restaurant in our building. I am thrilled to report that everything about…

No – This *Really* Sucks

Our car was stolen out of our garage today. We’re trying to convince ourselves that it doesn’t matter. It’s just a car – we’ll get another one. Of course, it’s not that easy. We really liked this car a lot. It’s been reliable and fun for 7 years, and we kept it in immaculate condition….

Last Sunset of 2007

If I had know it was going to be this colorful, I would have set up my tripod in advance. That might have prevented the motion blur in the shot on the right. Oh well – the shot isn’t perfect, and well, neither was 2007. Let’s all work to make 2008 a lot better, okay?…

More Visualizations – Updated

Our association recently insalled Macassar ebony wood paneling in our lobby, and although the results are striking, the overall effect is a bit darker than we’d imagined. To brighten things up just a bit, we’ll be hanging some sepia-toned reproductions of four archival images that previously hung elsewhere in the building. Before we go through…