Nature Photography During a Pandemic

I don’t get out of the loft much these days, but there are still ways to do nature photography. It’s still possible to find amazing things to shoot right in your own back yard. To get shots like these, all you need is a telephoto lens and perhaps, a bit of patience.

Arm Chair Nature Photography

I put my recently purchased 15 foot USB cable to work this morning. I set up this simple rig and connected the cable to my iMac, launched a tethered session in Lightroom and went back to my work. Then whenever I heard the high-pitched squeak of a hungry hummer, without even looking out the window,…

Bird Fight!

The normal state of affairs as up to eight birds jostle for a seat on one of the two tiny perches.


A couple of these buggers probably eat half of the seed I put out. Anyway, I had no idea how pretty doves are until I saw this shot.

A Little Birdie I Actually Like

I mostly prefer birds that live outside to those that will live indoors with us – forever, it seems. Here’s one I shot through the living room window.