We visited Chicago on Wednesday. Steve, Kelly and thedude started the day at the opulent Four Seasons Chicago Luxury Hotel. The oysters and sushi were OK, but we give the view and atmosphere five stars. Next, Kelly dragged us to Water Tower Place where we peered through windows at a whole lot of things we will never be able to afford. Shopping began to wear us out, so we regrouped over a bottle of champagne at the Drake Hotel. We strolled through downtown on a gorgeous night in the windy city and settled on the Captital Grille for dinner. Steak is the specialty of the house, but we had all ordered seafood and were not disappointed – far from it!

ritz_carlton.jpg drake_ceiling.jpg
drake_lobby.jpg chicago_skyline.jpg

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  1. Oh-Ann says:

    No picures of the food? I can’t believe it!

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