Wisconsin – Again

unc.jpgI took Kelly with me on my second trip to Wisconsin this year. We had such a wonderful time that we’re just about ready to move there. (I know – before we do that I need to bring her to Wisconsin in February…)

We spent much of our time in Williams Bay, but also visited friends in Burlington and Madison. We have lots of people to thank, but perhaps none so much as our tremendous host Steve. Thanks, Uncle Steve for the fabulous food and wine and ultra-cozy accommodations. You make it possible for us to make these frequent trips. We simply could not – would not – do it without your generosity. Thanks!

I shot more than 800 photos on this trip – including three “serious” photo shoots – a CD cover, shots of Steve’s beautiful Studebakers, and a series of fun portraits like this one. I have a TON of images to slog through. I should have lots of material for the blog.

See you soon!

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  1. Kalvin says:

    It was wonderful to see you again and to meet Kelly. We’d certainly welcome you back to ‘God’s Country’. I’m looking forward to the pictures.

  2. Cindy says:

    I’ll second that!

    I’ll try to remember to send you a picture of Bob plowing the driveway in the middle of January! Of course, I’d love for you to move back to WI, but it’s only fair that Kelly knows what she’s in for.

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