Frank & Dot are Octogenarians!

We took a short trip to Cambria and Paso Robles to celebrate dual birthdays with the Hunter clan. On the way, we stopped at the spectacular Post Ranch Inn for a tasty lunch with a view. We both loved the little town of Cambria. Moonstone Beach is lined with cozy hotels, and the pace is…

Weekend of Love

We spent a perfect three-day weekend in Gualala with a few of our favorite people. We drove up the coast with no firm plans, loaded down with food and booze. We stayed in our pajamas the first day while we waited out a much-needed rain storm, but things got really nice on the second day….

Gualala 2012

We took Kelly’s parents along this time. We couldn’t have hoped for better weather in mid-January. No Internet for almost four days. What a wonderful trip! Loved it!

Last Night at San Gregorio Beach

I’m pretty happy with this shot of my wife with her parents and best friends Jeff and Wendy. To make it, I used my new FourSquare lighting system, held high above my head while I clutched the D3 with the other hand and snapped this about 30 minutes after sunset. The colors in this one…

Our White Christmas

I was not looking forward to driving 5 hours to Shaver Lake to be held prisoner in a cabin in the snow, but that’s not how it turned out at all. The holiday I dread the most turned out to be more than tolerable this year. At times, it was actually fun. The food and…

Las Vegas

We took a mini-vacation to celebrate a couple of Virgo birthdays. I was too lazy to drag my heavy camera around much, but I did shoot this 12 image panorama of Kellster, Jeff and Wendy at the beautiful Parasol Down at the Wynn.

Fifty and Fabulous!

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday, Kelly! Thanks very much to all who helped us celebrate the end of the decade and the Kelly’s birthday!

Horsie Heaven

We had little time to spare on the way to the Summer of Love Festival in Monterey, so we stopped at the Equestrian Center at Pebble Beach and watched some of the horsies and riders warm up for the day’s competition. The morning was overcast and drizzly, but this didn’t dampen Kelly’s spirit a bit….

A Very Beautiful Day

I’ll share my thoughts about the Summer of Love Reunion Concert in Monterey this weekend as soon as I recover from the effects of the Jesus Weed. In the mean time, have a look at some of the sights.

Happy Easter!

Big Hat Day in Clovis, Easter eggs, Easter sushi – huh? Yes, this weekend’s trip to Fresno was better than most.


We spent the weekend in Northern California at what is now one of our favorite destinations – Terramare. This amazing property is locate in Gualala – directly across the street from one of our other favorite places – St. Orres. The house features sweeping views from its perch on a cliff high above the thundering…

Christmas in Fresno

We made our annual trek to foggy Fresno so that we could take part in the very serious business of overindulging with the Hunter clan. Mass quantities of Christmas cookies and candies were consumed along with numerous bottles of wine and champagne before dinner. Later, we searched for and easily found extreme Christmas lighting displays…

The Day Started Out Well Enough…

Of course, after breakfast at Paragon, wine tasting at Rosenblum, sushi at Tachibana and not one, but TWO strong mai tai’s at the Conga Lounge, we all felt a teensy bit thrashed by the end of the day. Good thing I won’t be seeing these people again for almost four whole weeks! 😉

We Really Should Stop Meeting Like This…

Another weekend – another grueling trip to the valley. Each and every one of these gals can all outlast thedude. When will he learn??? The brief visit was BIG fun, though. Congratulations to Wendy! (Love that sweater!) Glad I could help increase the odds, Frank. (I’m sure I’ll) see you again soon!

Fabulous Fun Day!

Wow! What a terrific day! Our dear friends Jeff and Wendy drove up to the bay area all the way from Fresno to test drive a Mini Cooper. (They loved it.) We spent the rest of the day eating, sightseeing and sigh Christmas shopping. Lunch at Jack’s Bistro, cruising past the USS Midway, martinis at…