thedude passes another milestone, and could not feel better about it. Life is good. A few more photos here.

Terramare and Beyond!

Despite near gale-force winds, this motivated group was undeterred in its quest to place a small white ball in a teeny-tiny hole far, far away. First at Sea Ranch Golf Links, and the next day at the Little River Inn. I know – two golf courses in two days??? Don’t worry – thedude has not…

Second Super Sunday

What fun! Great game, even if the wrong team came out on top. We first took a shot like this last year, and decided to do it again in 2013. Looking forward to a third shot in 2014!

More from Wyoming

Some of my favorite shots from our trip. Thanks to all of you. What a great time.

Point Arena, 2011

Thanks Tom and Julie, for including us in your trip fabulous food-filled trip up nort’. The whole weekend was fabulous. Steaks on the grill, shopping in Mendo… But that meal at Cafe Beaujolais was one of the most memorable ever. Awesome.

No Fireworks Here

According to weather expert Chris, The San Francisco Bay Area was the coldest spot in the US this Fourth of July, with the possible exception of a few locations in Alaska. Along with temperatures in the 50’s came the famous fog, which obliterated any hope of seeing any fireworks. Oh well… We did get to…

Happy Birthday, Tom

As always, a great time. Fabulous food and friends! I managed to get only a few in-focus shots in the pitch darkness at Tom and Julie’s. 🙂

Fifty and Fabulous!

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday, Kelly! Thanks very much to all who helped us celebrate the end of the decade and the Kelly’s birthday!


I love barter. In trade for some web work, I get days at this fabulous house. This works out great for everyone involved, but the biggest beneficiary is definitely me. Its on trips like this that I am reminded how great my friends are and that I have the most wonderful wife in the world….


It was so cold in the city last night that we thought we might not make it to the fireworks, but once they began, we completely forgot about our frozen extremities. KFOG Kaboom might be the coolest 18 minutes of the year. You really have to see this in person to appreciate the scale of…

Happy Birthday Sonja!

What a perfect evening. We celebrated Our dear friend Sonja’s birthday at Mountain Winery with Chris Isaak, who, just like Sonja, seems to get better with age. Chris treated his devoted and mostly female fans to awesome impressions of Elvis, Roy Orbison – even Robin Zander. Chris Isaak is a thoroughly professional entertainer who can…

Cinco de Mayo

A few good friends, a few good margo’s and one amazing meal. Loved the pozole! Thanks to Tom and Julie for another fine feast.

Happy Birthday, Tom!

We were blessed with perfect weather for our first visit to Tom’s new pad. We were there to celebrate his 41st birthday. It was beautiful! Many thanks to Julie and Emile for the totally awesome chow. And, of course, let’s not forget Tom’s mother’s amazing lumpia! We love your place, Tom. I’m looking forward to…

Tahoe Trippin’

My Lake Tahoe film vs. digital experiment is over. It looks like digital photography is the hands-down winner – at least in terms of speed and convenience. I have been home almost two days now, and I still have no film photos to show for my considerable efforts. Dragging the bulky film camera around was…

In The Zone

It would be easy to get the impression from my pictures that all we do out here in the bay area is eat and drink wine. Well, it’s just not true. During the day, we all work very hard – so that we can spend our evenings with friends enjoying fine food and wine. The…