thedude passes another milestone, and could not feel better about it. Life is good. A few more photos here.

Bruce & Catharine and Blogging Again

After some well-deserved taunting from the Kellster, I took a long look at my blog to see if I could get excited about blogging again. After some searching, I found a WordPress plugin that will make posting image galleries like the one below much easier and this nice-looking theme by Anders NorĂ©n. Both make me…

A Very Beautiful Day

I’ll share my thoughts about the Summer of Love Reunion Concert in Monterey this weekend as soon as I recover from the effects of the Jesus Weed. In the mean time, have a look at some of the sights.

Happy Birthday Terra!

2005 is a big year for 50th birthday parties, and Terra’s will no doubt be remembered as one of thedude’s favorites. The party’s hosts have a stunning and eclectic home in the hills above Orinda. The home has an enormous multi-level deck with views from Mt. Diablo to Mt. St. Helena. The entire compound is…

On A Moment’s Notice…

…without warning, a couple of our friends called to say that they were on their way to a party just four blocks from our loft. So, we gathered up a few of our closest friends and neighbors and crashed the party. The reason for the party was to celebrate the completion of a live/work loft…

A Fabulous Party for a Beautiful Friend

The setting for Ellen’s 50th birthday celebration was almost as gorgeous as the Birthday Girl herself. Last night’s party at Solea in San Francisco was splendid. The food and wine were delicious, and as you can see, there were beautiful people everywhere. Thanks to Itzik for pulling it all together!

Happy Birthday, Dude!!

Thanks so much to all who came to thedude’s party. Jim and Kelly are blessed to have the best friends (and neighbors!) in the world. We love you all!