Jimmy rides a water buffalo!

Jimmy rides a water buffalo! (Apologies for the poor quality, but this is the most I can get out of the slides with my mediocre scanner.)

First (spectacular) look at Kanchenjunga.

This view appears to be from the south – I’m guessing somewhere north of Darjeeling. (I told you that these will come in no particular order. Unfortunately, the slides themselves are in no order either, so I’m just posting them as I scan ’em.)

Rocky river at the bottom of the valley.

Now we’re getting into the 35mm slides. Scan quality will not quite compare to the previous images, but the portability of the small auto-focus 35mm camera enabled Jim to capture many very nice shots. Much more to come!

Jimmy liked to shoot the light.

Jimmy liked to shoot the light. It’s difficult to do, but with modern tools, it’s possible to get an image that resembles what the eye sees.

This shot contains an excellent clue as to Jim’s location.

The sign says, “Forest Rest House, Yuksam No.1”. This puts him in this area. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuksom. I’m pretty sure that he must have done one of these treks, shown on the same Wikipedia page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuksom#/media/File:Map_Goecha_La_Trek.JPG

I wish I knew where Jimmy shot this.

It’s a breathtaking view. I also wish more of his images were medium format transparencies like this one. The 35mm slides I’m scanning really pale by comparison…

Did you know that Jimmy D visited India?

Steve Davidson sent me a couple hundred images shot by his brother Jimmy on a trip he made to India, in 1996 as far as I can tell. There are several boxes of 35mm Kodachromes, shot with a Fuji camera I loaned him for the trip as well as a few dozen 6×6 cm images…