Daydreamin’ About SPAM


As August 12th approaches, I can’t help but think fondly of my lovely friend – SPAM. Why, you ask? Because August 12th and 13th are peak days for the Perseid Meteor Shower, of course! You see, where I come from, SPAM stands for Special People Admiring Meteors.

Unfortunately, I’m gonna miss this year’s trip, but just to prove that I’m thinking about my fellow SPAMsters, here’s a photographic tribute to a few of them.


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  1. Grant says:

    Uh where’d U get that pic of the Spicy SPAM? We do have copyright laws here ya know.

  2. thedude says:

    Spicy SPAM. Sounds totally awesome. Do you still have a can of that? Or do I?

  3. Grant says:

    I have a couple. U can only get those in HI. I’ll bring 1 by.

  4. thedude says:

    I guess the Hawaiians make SPAM sushi from it then, eh?

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