Fabulous Fresno Fourth

Maybe it was the 100-degree heat, or maybe it was the super-cute Ava or the massive amounts of food and drink. All I know is that something made us all a little bit crazy this weekend. More holiday photos.

Happy Anniversary

We celebrated a pair of anniversaries last weekend at one of our favorite places – the spectacular restaurant at Post Ranch Inn. After a delicious lunch, I handed my camera to the waiter who took today’s featured shot. I might have framed it differently, but I love it.

Frank & Dot are Octogenarians!

We took a short trip to Cambria and Paso Robles to celebrate dual birthdays with the Hunter clan. On the way, we stopped at the spectacular Post Ranch Inn for a tasty lunch with a view. We both loved the little town of Cambria. Moonstone Beach is lined with cozy hotels, and the pace is…

Weekend of Love

We spent a perfect three-day weekend in Gualala with a few of our favorite people. We drove up the coast with no firm plans, loaded down with food and booze. We stayed in our pajamas the first day while we waited out a much-needed rain storm, but things got really nice on the second day….

Last Night

I like this shot of thedude and Kellster a lot. So I’m posting it. It’s my blog. So there.

Alert the Media!

The paparazzi caught this glimpse of Kellster sporting a sassy new do tonight at Dopo.

Celebrating Aunt Mary’s Life

I shot an event to honor the life of Kelly’s beloved Aunt Mary in Redding a couple weekends ago. Here are a few of my favorites from that day. I hadn’t used my Nikon D3 for a while, but decided that it along with the light, fast, super-sharp Nikkor 85mm f1.8 lens would be perfect…

Sundial Bridge, Redding

We’re a long way from the truly spectacular Milwaukee Art Museum, but not all that far from another beautiful Santiago Calatravo design. The Sundial Bridge is a gorgeous and unexpected treasure in Redding, California.  

Angry Bird

Kelly’s beloved Boo isn’t really angry. I think he’s just infatuated with the handsome photographer.

Happy Anniversary

We’re 2-1/2 months late, but we finally got around to celebrating our anniversary with a day trip to wine country. What a beautiful day. Happy Anniversary, Kellster!

Gualala 2012

We took Kelly’s parents along this time. We couldn’t have hoped for better weather in mid-January. No Internet for almost four days. What a wonderful trip! Loved it!

Last Night at San Gregorio Beach

I’m pretty happy with this shot of my wife with her parents and best friends Jeff and Wendy. To make it, I used my new FourSquare lighting system, held high above my head while I clutched the D3 with the other hand and snapped this about 30 minutes after sunset. The colors in this one…

Our New Favorite Shot of Bandit

We look forward to the summer when he’s shed all of his winter coat and the trails have dried up so we can get an even better shot of horse and rider, but we both like this one a lot! This image also marks the first time I used a new GPS device form BlueSLR….

Warmest Day of the Year

Jim Rowe’s visit is coinciding with some spectacular Bay Area weather. The high temperature in Oakland was only in the upper 50’s, but in the warm sun it felt like 75. Perfect weather for oysters on the pier at the Lake Chalet. Later, we went up to Skyline Ranch to visit with Kelly and Bandit.

Our White Christmas

I was not looking forward to driving 5 hours to Shaver Lake to be held prisoner in a cabin in the snow, but that’s not how it turned out at all. The holiday I dread the most turned out to be more than tolerable this year. At times, it was actually fun. The food and…

My New Favorite Lens

Steve has an 85mm f1.4 Nikkor lens for sale. I’d love to own it, but even used, this is one expensive lens! This led me into a search for alternatives, which led me to an entire Flickr group devoted to this interesting lens. I was impressed that these beautiful images were made with this amazingly…

Fifty and Fabulous!

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday, Kelly! Thanks very much to all who helped us celebrate the end of the decade and the Kelly’s birthday!

Fabulous Fishies!

This was our first visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It did not disappoint. the fact that we were there on a slow weekday made it that much more fabulous. Highly recommended!

Bixby Bridge and Post Ranch Inn

On the second day of Matt & Kerry’s visit, we drove down past the scenic Bixby Bridge through Big Sur and on to our destination – lunch at the Post Ranch Inn. The overcast skies didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for this terrific lunch. I’m getting hungry thinking about that pork chop.

Kerry & Matt

Kerry and Matt paid a visit to the Bay Area. We spent a few food-filled days traveling up and down the coast.

Fifty Big Ones

Congratulations, Mike and Myrna! To me, the coolest thing about this reunion is that Kelly’s aunt and uncle were able to round up all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen from their wedding – fifty years ago. Amazing. Mike and Myrna have this spectacular view from their remote ranch north of tiny Friant, California.

Congratulations, Bailey and Oscar!

Bailey and Oscar tied the knot this weekend at a lovely ceremony. Luckily, they hired a professional photographer, which left me free to concentrate on the fun and the pretty girls!

Horsie Day at Reinstein Ranch

thedude accompanied horsie-girl Kelly to her favorite weekend getaway. She had a great time with Tilly in spite of the muddy conditions, and thedude went a little nuts with his camera.

thedude and The Younger Dudes

While in the Midwest, thedude stopped in Franklin, Wisconsin to pay a visit to his favorite nephews – Jacob and Ryan. It’s hard to believe how tall these kids have grown. Ryan is old enough to drive a car and is looking for a college to attend! Man, I must be getting old.