Xenophon 2019 Gala

Photobooth made an appearance once again. This year’s shots make me very happy. Here are a few of my favorites.

Xenophon 2017 Horse Show

For the tenth year in a row, I photographed the kids and the festivities at the annual Xenophon Horse Show. This year I had help from Kelly, who did a great job with my X100F. I used the Fuji XT-2 and the 90mm and 18mm lenses. Here are a few of our favorites. You can…

Xenophon Horse Show

As always, the 2015 Xenophon Horse Show was filled with smiles and beautiful children. This is always such a joyful event! It’s a privilege to volunteer my time to such an amazing organization.  

Relaxing on Labor Day

Janet and Ruby, Linda and Dinero, Trini and Go-Go, Kelly and Ozzie, Christine and Ranger begin a trail ride on this gorgeous holiday.

Terramare and Beyond!

Despite near gale-force winds, this motivated group was undeterred in its quest to place a small white ball in a teeny-tiny hole far, far away. First at Sea Ranch Golf Links, and the next day at the Little River Inn. I know – two golf courses in two days??? Don’t worry – thedude has not…

Xenophon HQ

Pictures from this year’s Horse show can be found on the Xenophon web site.

Fabulous Kellster!

Kelly is absolutely fabulous before last night’s Xenophon Gala. I’ve been staring at this beautiful woman for two days now, and I still cannot believe how lucky I am!

Poop Scoopin’ with Annie

While most of the rest of the country deals with a weather emergency, Jim and Kelly drove out to Xenophon to meet the newest member of the herd – Annie. She seems to be taking to her new digs nicely.

Oops – It Must Be Sunday

I think I need to add a new “horsie” category to my blog! By the way, I used my el-cheapo Korean 85mm 1.4 lens on today’s shoot. I love that lens!

That’s Just Dandie

Kelly poses with one of Xenophon’s newest therapy horses on a beautiful Sunday morning. Oh – Kelly likes this shot too. Something about Dandie’s ears being pricked.

Rider in the Rain

Determined to get a look at Bandit under control of a more skilled rider, (thanks, Hannah!) Kelly and Stella brave the rain and fog at Skyline Ranch this morning.

Warmest Day of the Year

Jim Rowe’s visit is coinciding with some spectacular Bay Area weather. The high temperature in Oakland was only in the upper 50’s, but in the warm sun it felt like 75. Perfect weather for oysters on the pier at the Lake Chalet. Later, we went up to Skyline Ranch to visit with Kelly and Bandit.

Introducing Bandit

Kelly’s childhood dream finally comes true! Accompanied by their official photographer, Kelly and Bandit took a short ride on this sunny, 70 degree day. Looks like Bandit and Kelly are getting along splendidly. Many thanks to the great folks at Xenophon Therapeutic Riding for all of the support. Without your help, this would not have…

Xenophon Gala 2009

As you know, thedude and Kelly volunteer some of their time in support of an amazing organization called Xenophon Therapeutic Riding. Last night we attended their annual fundraiser. The Xenophon Gala is always fun, and this year’s event was no exception, as you can clearly see from the photos. Please visit the Xenophon web site…

Xenophon Kids

More pictures from this inspirational event here.

Unbridled Joy

My wife has been volunteering her time for the past few years to a really wonderful organization. Xenophon Therapeutic Riding offers special needs children a chance to ride on the back of one of their gentle horses under the watchful eye of skilled instructors. Many of these children must be lifted gingerly out of their…

Horsie Heaven

We had little time to spare on the way to the Summer of Love Festival in Monterey, so we stopped at the Equestrian Center at Pebble Beach and watched some of the horsies and riders warm up for the day’s competition. The morning was overcast and drizzly, but this didn’t dampen Kelly’s spirit a bit….

Happy Horsie Day

It’s inexplicable to me, but Kelly is happiest when she’s in a place covered with horse poop.

Something to Feel Good About

Yesterday we attended the end-of-season horse show at the Xenophon Therapeutic Center in Orinda. This little organization pairs disabled children with specially trained horses. Kelly has been volunteering her time at Xenophon for two years. I was not sure what to expect on my first visit. What I found was truly beautiful and inspirational. Many…