More Visualizations – Updated

Our association recently insalled Macassar ebony wood paneling in our lobby, and although the results are striking, the overall effect is a bit darker than we’d imagined. To brighten things up just a bit, we’ll be hanging some sepia-toned reproductions of four archival images that previously hung elsewhere in the building. Before we go through the expense of printing and mounting the large prints, I used PhotoShop’s fantastic Vanashing Point filter to create these realistic visualizations.

wall_left.jpg wall_right.jpg

Let’s see how these images compare to the finished installation.

Here are the results. The hand-held time-exposures are a bit blurry, but you get the idea. Looks like I hung the images a little higher than in the visualization. I may need to move them down! I think they look better lower on the walls.

DSC_5902.jpg DSC_5903.jpg

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  1. Wendage says:

    Geez, what posesssed them to install that paneling? Yikes…looks like a doctor’s office…:-(

  2. grant says:

    Yes I agree with Wendy, my Proctologist’s walls look similar.

  3. Michael says:

    Yes, It’s the last thing you see before you hear the phrase “You may feel some pressure …”

  4. Wedage says:

    Yeah, or as we gals enjoy hearing, “SLIDE DOWN!”

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