No – This *Really* Sucks

Our car was stolen out of our garage today. We’re trying to convince ourselves that it doesn’t matter. It’s just a car – we’ll get another one. Of course, it’s not that easy. We really liked this car a lot. It’s been reliable and fun for 7 years, and we kept it in immaculate condition.

Now we hope that we never see it again. Neither of us wants to see our old friend with so much as a scratch on her. Boo-hoo. 🙁

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  1. BaliBruce says:

    Bummer, dude. Maybe the thief used magic to get it out of the garage 🙁

  2. thedude says:

    I actually have a video of the man and woman (!) who stole the car. It does not help much, though… It just makes me mad to watch it. There is no way to identify either of them.

  3. buzz says:

    oh wow, what a bummer. I thought your garage had an access code and whatnot. Might be an inside job (one of those guys who cleaned it in Nov 06?)
    Last fall while I was away, Sherie left the hospital and this is what our car (2001 Jag) looked like

    the paint was still dripping, I just thank God she didn’t leave 5 minutes sooner…
    cars can be replaced.

  4. Carl Parkes says:

    Terra and I decided to take a ride to Tijuana. You’ll love the new paint job and rims.

  5. Antonio Piccolboni says:

    Sorry to hear that Jim. I recommend one of those pedal locks. They seem to be among the most reliable devices. Time to buy a Prius and help the environment!

  6. Wendage says:

    Dude, that totally sucks. I was telling Kelly yesterday how horrible it was when my car was stolen many years ago. I had to “ID” her at the tow place…she was a complete loss…I broke down in tears. It IS like losing a good friend. Now let’s go car shopping!!!!! 🙂

  7. Oscar says:

    Sorry to hear that. Getting something stolen from you is very disconcerting, especially for something you’ve treated with great care. It’s like your personal space has been violated. Hope you don’t have a hard time replacing the car.

  8. Jim Rowe says:

    Wow Dude – that’s completely in the pits. I bet you’ll never convince the insurance of the full value, it was immaculate.

    Why can’t you identify the morons?

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