3d Loft Project

I’m on the Architectural Committee here in the lofts. We’re hoping to do a little sprucing up next year, so we need a 3D model of the building. I mean, obviously, right? Since Cinema4D 17 includes a new SketchUp importer, I thought it’d be cool to do the modeling in SketchUp. This way, everyone would be able to view the model with SketchUp or the SketchUp viewer. Now, after having done that, I realize I should have just modeled the whole building in Cinema4D. There are just too many issues with the imported SketchUp model, and there really aren’t many neighbors who will be able to open or appreciate the SketchUp model. Sigh.

A work in progress, the model is far from perfect, but I think it’s good enough at this point for the purpose of visualizing different colors on the building at different times of the day and year.


Our baseline render. A sunny morning in March with the current colors.

The above render is my baseline – a sunny March morning. Below is the latest render.

Every little 3D element adds to the realism.

The fun thing about 3D work is that every time I press render, I get a better, more life-like result.

Details make the difference. Making progress!

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  1. Steve says:

    Looks pretty good so far.

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