It’s true – the new 5K iMac is mind-blowing. Ii takes just a few minutes on a 5K retina display to realize that there will be no going back. After my boss saw it, I had no trouble convincing him that I could not live without a 5K display at work. So now I’ve been busy going through my entire image library – finally seeing my images in their full glory. This is the main reason you haven’t heard from me for a while.

My advice? Sell your kids and get a 5K iMac immediately. It will change your life. Did you do it yet? Yes? Good, because I don’t want my efforts to make thedude.com retina-ready to go unappreciated. (Actually, there’s an awesome retina plugin for WordPress that made the whole process very easy.)

Another distraction is the work we’re having done on our largest wall. Andrew has been working his magic. The Venetian plaster is even more spectacular then my visualizations. They do not convey the tactile quality of the plaster. When you see it, the first thing you’ll want to do is touch it. It’s amazing.

Now we need to have a bunch of LARGE prints made. We’re in no hurry though. Why rush to cover up Andrew’s masterpiece?

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