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John and Michael

I love it when this happens. While walking on the course today, I asked Tom’s sons John and Michael to pose for a quick shot. And I do mean quick. This shot was done in maybe five seconds. I knew instantly that I wanted to give it a retro treatment like this. It’s no surprise Read More

Photo Booth Goes Mobile

I took the booth on the road this weekend and set it up at one of the season’s best tasting Christmas events – Dinner at Sam and Mari’s. They were kind enough to let me tack a red backdrop to the wall, and well, the rest is Christmas history. Click for more whacky photos! Read More

The Parinos

We had a little time to kill before dinner at Oakland’s finest restaurant a few weeks ago, and the photo booth was set up, so, well, you can guess what happened next. Read More

Fifty-Eight Big Ones

Can you believe it? thedude certainly can not! We celebrated the auspicious occasion with a marvelous party. A huge thanks to Chris and Ben for hosting the event, and to Red for the super-fine grillin’! Click here if you want to see a few more shots. Read More

Tudal Winery

Tudal Winery hosted an event at their winery in St. Helena yesterday. We knew the event would feature excellent wines and food, but when we learned that there was no driving involved, we jumped at the chance! Read More

Another Sunday, Another Horsie

Meet another of Kelly’s pals from the Xenophon herd – Starlight. Read More

That’s Just Dandie

Kelly poses with one of Xenophon’s newest therapy horses on a beautiful Sunday morning. Oh – Kelly likes this shot too. Something about Dandie’s ears being pricked. Read More


It’s hard not to get a good shot when your subject is as cute as Sophie, but there’s something else I like about this shot, and that is that is was not a posed shot. I saw her sitting there and took two quick shots in the (indoor) available light. Snap, snap! It took three Read More

Rider in the Rain

Determined to get a look at Bandit under control of a more skilled rider, (thanks, Hannah!) Kelly and Stella brave the rain and fog at Skyline Ranch this morning. Read More

Our New Favorite Shot of Bandit

We look forward to the summer when he’s shed all of his winter coat and the trails have dried up so we can get an even better shot of horse and rider, but we both like this one a lot! This image also marks the first time I used a new GPS device form BlueSLR. Read More

Ben Loves Bacon

And I love his shirt! Read More

Introducing Bandit

Kelly’s childhood dream finally comes true! Accompanied by their official photographer, Kelly and Bandit took a short ride on this sunny, 70 degree day. Looks like Bandit and Kelly are getting along splendidly. Many thanks to the great folks at Xenophon Therapeutic Riding for all of the support. Without your help, this would not have Read More

Ion Torrent West

I feel extraordinarily lucky to be working with these fabulous folks every day — without a doubt, the best team I’ve ever worked with. It’s truly amazing what you can accomplish with the right group of people. Read More

No Fireworks Here

According to weather expert Chris, The San Francisco Bay Area was the coldest spot in the US this Fourth of July, with the possible exception of a few locations in Alaska. Along with temperatures in the 50’s came the famous fog, which obliterated any hope of seeing any fireworks. Oh well… We did get to Read More

2010 St. Mary’s College High School Junior Prom

I was lucky enough to be asked to take a photos of a few kids on prom day. They chose Oakland’s serene Morcom Rose Garden as the venue. We spent some time spent looking for the “perfect spot for pictures”, which turned out to be a waste of time, because as you can see, I Read More

A Christmas Gift for Grandma

If there’s one gift that won’t wind up in a landfill in three months, it’s pictures of the grandkids. Read More

Muir Woods With the Girls

We spent the last day of our four-day weekend at Muir Woods with Andrew, Jeri and the girls. After a hike through the breathtaking redwoods, we stopped at the Pelican Inn for fish & chips, bangers & mash and a few pints. A delicious way to end the holiday weekend! Read More

Xenophon Horse Show 2009

Yes, I’m still taking pictures, and Kelly is still volunteering at Xenophon, where we get to hang out with the nicest imaginable kids, horses and volunteers. Wonderful. Read More

Bird Fight!

The normal state of affairs as up to eight birds jostle for a seat on one of the two tiny perches. Read More


A couple of these buggers probably eat half of the seed I put out. Anyway, I had no idea how pretty doves are until I saw this shot. Read More

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