Burma Bound!

It’s official! Last night over dinner with a group of friends who have all been to Burma several times, we decided that we’re really gonna do it. We’re planning a November trip to Burma! Everyone in the group is very excited – and even a bit jealous of our budding travel plans. Their enthusiasm has a lot to do with why we decided to do it. But the main reason we feel comfortable about the idea is because we have now had dinner twice with our guide-to-be on the trip – William Myatwunna. William totally charmed us with his warm smile and polite good-nature. He is also the best tour guide in all of Burma. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Conde Nast magazine recently picked William’s Good News Travels as one of of the top 128 travel specialists in the world!

Interested in traveling to Burma? I’d suggest you book with William soon. He’s about to become very busy!

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  1. SPF says:

    I note you’ve never used the official name, Myanmar. Will you be doing that in Burma?

    “The renaming proved to be politically controversial on several grounds. Opposition groups continue to use the name “Burma”, since they do not recognize the legitimacy of the ruling military government nor its authority to rename the country in English. [2] Various non-Bamar ethnic groups choose to not recognize the name because the term Myanmah has historically been used as a label for the majority ethnic group rather than for the country.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burma

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