Walk on the Wild Side

I enjoyed last weekend’s bug trek so much that we decided to do it again today. This time we brought along a few of our favorite people and, of course, my camera.

We found our ladybug friends again, but in smaller numbers. This time they had begun to swarm – behavior we didn’t see last weekend. They might be looking for moisture. They may need a little extra luck this year, as California is in the midst of what is shaping up to be the the worst drought on record. We didn’t let this news dampen our spirits though, and thoroughly enjoyed our hike. Hey, I think we should do this every week!

Sophie catches the light. Kelly, Sophie and the rest of the gang.

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  1. Kalvin says:

    I’m so jealous. I miss my hikes so much during our 6 months of winter. It looks beautiful there. The Burma photos continue to be breathtaking.

  2. Dave and Barbara says:

    Hiking is something we do every weekend, dude. Next weekend we’ll be trekking with the leopards and elephants in Sri Lanka, unless the tigers cut us down first. Maybe we’ll take some bug photos for you.

  3. Mom says:

    Hey Jim, you’re getting so much exercise that you will be able to go to the gym with Kelly!

  4. Kellster says:

    Hah! That’ll be the day! I think my gym doors would automatically lock if they saw him coming. 🙂 No sweaty dudes allowed!

  5. thedude says:

    Very funny, Kellster. :p

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