Spring Has Sprung


I thought my friends in Wisconsin – who I’m told are digging out of more than a foot of fresh-fallen snow – might like to share our day at the Briones Regional Park. Yes, we even got a bit of a sunburn!

DSC_7016.jpg DSC_6995.jpg
DSC_7009.jpg DSC_7024.jpg
DSC_7039.jpg DSC_7081.jpg
DSC_6971.jpg DSC_6976.jpg
DSC_7071.jpg DSC_7098.jpg

While Kelly went for a ride with Mary, Magic, Chance and Classy, I spent some quality time shooting with my super smooth D3. What a gorgeous day! Sorry you could not all be here with us.

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  1. Klaus says:

    Congrats on the D3 – and your Site! Very enjoyable! I sure will be back!
    Cheers from the other side of the country!

  2. Cindy says:

    16 inches in the Milwaukee area on Friday and more on it’s way this Thursday. We are now only 12 inches away from the all time snowiest season on record.


    Radio and news stations around town are polling people to see if they want more snow and break the record or if they are sick to death of shoveling and just want spring to arrive.

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