Our Favorite Fresno Fan-atics

The fabulous Fresno Bee ran a story last weekend on a couple of our most favorite people on account of their being rabid Fresno sports fans – at least one of whom can carry on ad nauseum about her beloved Fresno girls softball team. Yep – that’s the two of them on the left in…

Seventy Big Ones

I just hope that we’re as happy and healthy as our dear Aunt Mary when we celebrate our seventieth birthdays. Well done! Thanks to Mark and Lori for organizing a great and classy party.

Something to Feel Good About

Yesterday we attended the end-of-season horse show at the Xenophon Therapeutic Center in Orinda. This little organization pairs disabled children with specially trained horses. Kelly has been volunteering her time at Xenophon for two years. I was not sure what to expect on my first visit. What I found was truly beautiful and inspirational. Many…

Our Wonderful Wives

Chris and I have much in common, but by far the best thing we share is our beautiful wives. (Hm. That doesn’t sound exactly right…) There is nothing like the feeling that comes with knowing you’ll share the rest of your life with the kindest, most loving, most talented and beautiful women you have ever…

Random Goodness

A few of the other fun things that happened on this Wisconsin trip: Jimmy D. showed off his very impressive THREE monitor setup. Three 21″ LCD’s oriented vertically. Wow. Elvis Origami – layers of crispy won tons, bananas, peanut butter, honey, chocolate syrup – Kelly’s favorite dessert at B.J. Wentker’s in Burlington. Huns and Dr….


A renowned family man, thedude is proud to share with you a few pictures of some of the younger people in his life. Nephews, daughters, sons and daughters of friends. See if you can tell which is which. C’mon, this is too easy! Oh, by the way, Kerry is due this week. 🙂


Yes, miracles DO happen, and here’s proof. Kelly found her beloved Nova!! So, you’re probably wondering how this could possibly happen. What follows is the story of the incredible series of events that led to Nova’s return home. First, we printed a few flyers and stapled them to telephone poles in our neighborhood. Kelly has…

Hoping for a Miracle

This weekend Kelly’s oldest, sweetest bird, Nova, managed to slide out of a narrow opening in one of our loft windows. This is not the first time she’s flown out, but this time her wings were strong enough to carry her too far from our loft. We haven’t found her, and we know that odds…

Fabulous Fresno Fun

Despite thedude’s protestations, he always has a good time in Fresno. Oh sure, it can be a bit hot, but aside from that, a visit to Fresno is a good time – thanks almost entirely to Kelly’s fabulous family. Good people, good food. This weekend featured Frank’s excellent grilled lamb chops and a wedding reception…

My Most Favorite-est Model

I never get tired of shooting Kelly. I’m extremely lucky to have such a patient and beautiful wife. 🙂

Kerry and Matt Wed in Wisconsin

Kerry and Matt were married yesterday in a lovely ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in Burlington. I think the bride was particularly beautiful. 🙂 Congratulations, Matt and Kerry!

Sams Anchor Cafe, Tiburon

We trekked out to Tiburon this afternoon for a tasty brunch at Sam’s Anchor Cafe. It was one of those perfect California days – warm sun and cool breeze. We scored a scenic table on the marina and agreed unanimously that the food was fabulous. The calamari was some of the best I’ve ever tasted….

Our First “Pyrospectacular”

We just couldn’t wait until the fourth to see fireworks, so we went to the A’s game tonight, primarily because there were fireworks after the game, but also to see if the A’s could extend their 8 game winning streak. How exciting! Unfortunately, Oakland lost to The White Sox, but the fireworks really were, well,…

The Never-Ending 50th Anniversary Party

Oh well, another excuse to eat, drink and take people pictures… Evidently, these are three things I really like to do. (See below.) Congratulations once again to Dorothy and Frank – my favorite In-Laws. Fifty years. That really is quite an accomplishment. More fabulous photos here.

Napa Wine Train and Parental Units

We celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day a bit late today by treating Kelly’s parents to lunch in the “Vista Dome” car on board the Napa Valley Wine Train. Despite a hint of cheesiness, the train is fun, and the food quite delicious.

He’s Here!

I had begun to think it might never happen, but my “little” brother Todd finally made it to California! He’s staying with friends in Petaluma while he searches for a job. Please join me in wishing Todd the best of luck in his search. Welcome to the Golden State, Todd!

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

What a splendid day! We were blessed with absolutely perfect weather. We took it easy – enjoyed a nap on the sofa, an Oakland A’s game, (they won) a couple horse races, dinner, a terrific movie – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – even a little shopping. (Three new CD’s!) What a way to…

We Really Should Stop Meeting Like This…

Another weekend – another grueling trip to the valley. Each and every one of these gals can all outlast thedude. When will he learn??? The brief visit was BIG fun, though. Congratulations to Wendy! (Love that sweater!) Glad I could help increase the odds, Frank. (I’m sure I’ll) see you again soon!

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Wife

You know, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are my very best friend. You are beautiful and kind, and the most thoughtful person I’ve ever known. You enrich my life in so many ways… In a nutshell, You Rule! Thanks for being you. I look forward to spending many many…

More Wedding Photos

Next time I promise to try to get more shots of the actual bride and groom.    

Yes! Family Photos

And now – for those who say their aren’t enough pictures of my family on thedude.com.

A New Month!

Oh my GAWD! Kelly gets to change the month on her favorite calendar! Woo-hoo!

Giraffic Park

The longest day of the year is special around here, epecially when it coincides with one of Kelly’s most favorite-est events – Oakland Zoo’s annual Walk in the Wild. This fund-raiser for the Oakland Zoo really is totally cool. You get to walk through the zoo while munching on fabulous food and sampling superb wines…