Seventy Big Ones

I just hope that we’re as happy and healthy as our dear Aunt Mary when we celebrate our seventieth birthdays. Well done! Thanks to Mark and Lori for organizing a great and classy party.

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  1. Antonio Piccolboni says:

    Where’s that, in a hospital? How come everyone is wearing white?

  2. nancy in fresno says:

    Jim, because of your amazing talents of photography, this family has wonderful records of events from over the years. Another great reason Kel and you were meant for one another!

  3. Wendage says:

    You’re very welcome Dude! Glad I could contribute some semi-professional photos to the bunch. LOL Of course, I couldn’t do it without my happy digital camera! Great job as usual…those pictures are fabulous. Lors and Mark threw a very memorable soiree….lots of fun.


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