Our Favorite Fresno Fan-atics

The fabulous Fresno Bee ran a story last weekend on a couple of our most favorite people on account of their being rabid Fresno sports fans – at least one of whom can carry on ad nauseum about her beloved Fresno girls softball team. Yep – that’s the two of them on the left in the “Red Room” – their shrine to the Bulldogs.

The Bee did a good job profiling Dorothy and Frank, though. There can’t possibly be any more devoted fans than what the author calls “the practical Hunters”. Hah!

Click on the picture to download the story of their 40 year love affair with Fresno sports.

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  1. Wendage says:

    Go mom and dad! And no, none of those photos on the wall behind them are of Kelly, Jill, or myself. We’re distributed throughout the rest of the house…when there’s room….LOL

    -Wen. 🙂

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