Easter Food Fest


Oh my. I guess I should feel guilty about yesterday’s food orgy, but I don’t. I’m too busy drooling over the pictures. Here’s a taste of the menu at MoNO.

DSC_7145.jpg DSC_7166.jpg
DSC_7141a.jpg DSC_7158.jpg

After we finished photographing (and eating!) the food, we continued the feast at Chris and Ben’s with champagne and succulent leg of lamb.

DSC_7170.jpg DSC_7174.jpg
DSC_7179.jpg DSC_7200.jpg
DSC_7197.jpg DSC_7219.jpg

I can’t help but say a couple things about the D3 combined with the 14-24 mm lens. Together they allow me to do things I would not even try with my D2X. With the D3, I can shoot in much lower light than previously possible. It’s surprisingly easy to get used to being able to shoot at ISO 1600 with virtually no loss of image fidelity. And the lens is incredible! Look at the images above and see if you can find any color-fringing at all. Even in the horribly overexposed regions there is none. Wow. Same goes for barrel distortion. This zoom lens is better wide open than the Nikkor 14 mm prime it replaces at any aperture. I am so happy to have this lens. Now I really want to own the other Nikkor lens in this class.

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