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There was a small fire early this morning in our building’s new restaurant. It looks like a bucket of kitchen rags smoldered for hours before creating just enough heat to cause a sprinkler head to blow in the kitchen area of our favorite eatery. The fire and smoke caused far less damage than the deluge Read More

Test Post Via E-mail!

I set up a WordPress blog for a friend last night and touted it’s ability to post via e-mail. After I said this, I realized that I had never even tried this feature myself, so here’s my first attempt! Read More

Church of the Latter Day Dude

Read More

Top Search Phrases on

I was looking at my server logs the other day, and noticed that the top search phrases that led people to my site are “Greenland” and “Diego Garcia”. As far as I can tell, this is because images from this site come in near the top of the list when doing a Google Image Search Read More

Blogging is Good for You!

Scientific American published an article claiming that Blogging is Good for You! It seems that working on a blog “activates a cluster of neurological pathways”. Whoa – so that’s how I got hooked. Of course, it is possible to take this blogging thing to extremes. Not to worry. I’ll never work that hard at it. Read More

Jeff Lebowski and Jeff Dowd

NPR has a very nice piece about a couple of Dudes this morning. Check it out. Read More

What, Me Worry?

Thanks to all of you for pointing out that the Smart Car was recently shown to perform quite well in crash tests. I’m happy to hear it, but safety was never much of an issue when I made the decision to purchase the car. After all, I drove a far more dangerous motorcycle for 15 Read More

What I Like about WordPress

OK – I’ve had a couple weeks of quality time with my new blogging software, and there are some things about it I like better than my old favorite. It seems a bit easier to use than that other blogging software. Pages are rendered more quickly. (This is a surprise!) Searches are much faster. (Yay.) Read More

The Verdict is In…

Kelly loves driving her new car! Read More

New Design!

Well, I finally bit the bullet and changed the site’s look-and-feel. My motivation is only partly driven by aesthetics. The other reason is that WordPress 2.5 is just so dang good. It’s much nicer to look at and easier to use than the latest MovableType release. They seem to have fixed the problems with the Read More

No – This *Really* Sucks

Our car was stolen out of our garage today. We’re trying to convince ourselves that it doesn’t matter. It’s just a car – we’ll get another one. Of course, it’s not that easy. We really liked this car a lot. It’s been reliable and fun for 7 years, and we kept it in immaculate condition. Read More

My Scanning Workflow

This stack represents about 2/3 of the slides that I have gone through in the last several days. In addition to this was a box containing another thousand or so loose slides. Fortunately, the majority of the slides went straight into the garbage. What remains are slides I definitely want to scan and some that Read More

Incredible Synchronicity!

My new friend Jeri is dating my other friend Andrew. Jeri recently took a position at Bayer, whose offices are about 10 blocks from the offices of Affymetrix in Emeryville, where I work. One day Jeri passed by one of the lunch rooms on the sprawling campus and saw this shot of her boyfriend laminated Read More

Last Sunset of 2007 – Updated

If I had know it was going to be this colorful, I would have set up my tripod in advance. That might have prevented the motion blur in the shot on the right. Oh well – the shot isn’t perfect, and well, neither was 2007. Let’s all work to make 2008 a lot better, okay? Read More

San Francisco in Ruins

Awesome (and sorta scary) image. Click here to learn more about how this fascinating shot was made. Read More

Oakland Homicides – Not All Bad News

I pass this little monument every morning on the way to the office. It’s sad to watch the crosses multiply as the year rolls on. But the news is not all bad. The last time I heard it mentioned in the news, homicides In Oakland were down 1/3 from last year. Lets’ hope this trend Read More

Does the Pope Wear a Funny Hat?

Well, yes, but not every day. This red cappello romano is just so dang cool! Evidently, the pope’s choice of headwear is a big deal! Read More

A Beautiful Dream

Last night I had one of the most beautiful dreams of my life. You have to have known my friend Jeff to fully appreciate it, but I felt I needed to write it down anyway and share it with those of you who did. — Kelly and I were vacationing in a beautiful place with Read More

Comments are Busted

My wife mentioned that it seemed odd that there haven’t been any comments on lately, which caused me to do a little investigating. I discovered that comments are not working. 🙁 This is evidently due to my aborted upgrade attempt a few weeks ago. (Sorry – MoveableType 4.0 is just awful.) I’ll try to Read More

World’s Fastest Browser – Opera?

Still not using the world’s best browser? C’mon! Here’s yet another reason to give it a spin. Read More

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