Bocce Ball and Warm Beer

So, I had a really good time yesterday with my fellow sysadmins from work. We took the afternoon off for a “team building event”. I know – sounds horrible, but our new manager Karl came up with an excellent idea! He suggested we try our hand at bocce ball. Turns out the game suited us perfectly. Aside from some confusion over the name of the little white ball, (it’s a pallino, Jim) bocce was a perfect choice for us. The game requires little expenditure of energy, almost no skill, and has a relaxed pace that allows plenty of time for beers, which – as you can clearly see from the photos – actually helped to improve my ball handling technique.

And now a bit of bocce trivia:

Q. What is the term for “a throw which is thrown with sufficient velocity that it would hit the back board if it missed the target”?

A. A Spock!

We threw a load of dirty Spocks yesterday.

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  1. Hugh says:

    Never did work out the relationship between excellent Bocce technique and Veritas Netbackup experience.

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