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Weekend Renders

There’s a reasonable chance that I’ll be asked to serve on the board of our Home Owner’s Association in a few months, and one topic that will be revisited again is an update of the interior of our building. A facelift is long overdue, and having a few convincing 3D renders may go a long Read More

Don’t Panic

A friend asked for a panic button for an iPhone app he’s thinking of building. Now that he has this button, he’s half way there. My first thought was of an ultra-modern chrome and plastic job, but this is what came out. My creative process with Cinema4D is like a box of chocolates … The Read More

My 3D Server Room – Yay!

What you see is a fairly accurate view of the server room at work. If you’re interested, here’s how I created this. Note that the method I use is just one way to accomplish this. There are “easier” methods, like rendering directly inside of SketchUp with any number of snap-in renderers, (I like TheaRender) but Read More

Weekend Render Madness

For fun this weekend, I did one of the Cinema4D tutorials by the amazing Chris Schmidt. I learned so much in the process. The techniques used to create the spherical wire mesh on the microphone are awesome and so much fun! Thank your Nick and Chris for the awesome tutorials! Dude mic is based loosely Read More

This is My Brain on Protein

Did you know that there are databases in the public domain with free 3D models of organic materials like DNA, enzymes and proteins? Accurate and highly detailed, these models can be downloaded from a number of sites and imported into most 3D packages, including my favorite – Cinema4D. I have no idea what I’m looking Read More

Cinema4D vs. Studio Photography

Inspired by a recent post on Grant’s site, in which he alludes to the many challenges of product photography, I decided to create a challenge for myself. I wanted to see what level of photorealism I could achieve with the Cinema4D Physical Renderer and a few simple 3D objects by recreating Grant’s product shots. To Read More

Today’s Mystery Render

I often don’t know exactly what I’m rendering or how it works or how it will be used. I certainly have never seen one of these things. I’ve heard it referred to as a “cartridge”, and that’s about all I know. I’m pretty sure the real cartridge shell is not transparent – I’ll bet it’s Read More

First Keyshot Render

Consider this one a work in progress. The 3D mesh comes from the brilliantly creative mind of Andrew by way of SketchUp. Converted to .3ds format, brought into the amazingly easy-to-use Keyshot, assigned some fun materials (the green is from the microscope I owned as a kid) and clicked render. Fun! Click to embiggen. Read More

Andrew – Master Marbler

Andrew Johnstone – multi-talented muralist, painter, 3D artist, Alameda County Arts Commission board member, and Man designer – will be offering classes on marbling and wood graining. Andrew is undeniably one of the world’s best at this vanishing craft. I’m really hoping to find time in my busy schedule to take his classes. I’d like Read More

Photo Dude-ness

I created this for fun as a gift to a special friend who got a new camera for Christmas and wants to learn how to use it. The whole process was easy. I used my beloved FourSquare to my right and a small slave flash to the left to provide a bit of fill, but Read More

Easiest Site Redesign Ever

WordPress 3.8 ships with a gorgeous new default theme. The theme, named twentyfourteen contains a lot of the cool features found on modern websites everywhere like a fun image slider, beautiful Google Web Fonts, and a Responsive Design meant to provide the “optimal viewing experience” on all browsers and devices. It seems to work well Read More

A Dozen Protons

Another visualization. Cinema4D physical renderer. Read More

Proud Team Member

Read More

Google Nexus 7

I’m working on a project that includes a Nexus 7, so I downloaded this perfect 3D mesh file from TurboSquid and rendered it in Cinema4D. Someday I hope to be able to show you the cool things I’m working on. Read More

Cinema4D Camera Calibration

Learning Cinema4D camera calibration with help from the Gorilla. Extra credit if you find the shot used as a basis for this booklet cover. Read More

Latest Desktop Wallpaper

If you see moirĂ© patterns, it’s time to get that 5K iMac! Read More

Make it Stop Spinning!

Amazing. it never stops! Illusions like this make me question everything I see. Read More

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