GigaPan Browser Embedded in a Blog Post!

It turns out it’s easy to embed a GigaPan Panorama on a web page. Hopefully, this will get more of you to check it out. Be sure to drag the the zoom slider on the left. Or, double-click on a region to zoom in on it. Looks like I have a white-balance problem in this panorama, but the amount of detail in is fairly awesome! Of course, you can always view a full-screen version as well.

This is really my first attempt with a decent camera attached to the GigaPan, so my results can only get better. Hope you’ll come back often for more!

Of course, after looking at the results xRes folks are getting I’m considering other options altogether…

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  1. I guess this is best for people with a T1 link or maybe gigapan is sputtering right now

  2. mark says:

    Does not show on iTouch!

  3. thedude says:

    I would not expect so. iPhones don’t do Flash content. I believe there is a work-around though. See this page: It probably won’t display the GigaPan viewer, but I guess it does work with some Flash content and with YouTube.

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