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  1. Carl says:

    In my younger days, I spent a week in Jackson Hole and did the ski bum thing down that 4100 vertical feet monster ski resort. Hardly saw another ski bum all week, but I do remember the Cowboy Bar with all the saddles mounted up at the very long bar.

    Fine photos, and much more interesting than your “renderings.” Really, that geek stuff only goes so far.

  2. Wen. says:

    Love the dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for some loverly shots….I’m always looking for a new wallpaper photo. That one of the lake and the boats reminds me of Huntington……..:-)


  3. Dorothy says:

    The mountains are beautiful. It looks like a very peaceful place to take a vacation.

  4. thedude says:

    Wendy, did you notice Chris’ Great Grandfather Struthers Burt? He opened the first Dude ranch in Wyoming. The original Dude?

  5. Wen. says:

    Oh my gersh, I just zoomed in a saw that! Well, he might be the “original” Dude, but you’re still the geekiest dude on the planet! LOL


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