California Tiny Home

A friend designed a tiny home conversion for an old semi-trailer in SketchUp. His original work was quite good, making my job of converting it to Cinema4D and rendering with Corona Render a lot easier.

Wedding Bands

After doing a simple rendering of a shiny piece of metal for a friend, I was inspired to try my hand at rendering some jewelry. For my first test, I decided to see what kind of results I could get modeling and rendering our wedding bands, designed by her school chum, the brilliant Scott Knutson….

More work in progress

This is a close look at an instrument under development by one of our teams at work.

Work in progress

Not EXACTLY what it looks like, but pretty cool, nonetheless.

Ion Chef

I took a little time this weekend to clean up a model I’ve had floating around for a couple years. Cinema4D’s ability to import SolidWorks files along with Corona Render made it easy to create this version of the instrument.