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  1. Todd M Pire says:

    Honestly, you do. That is one thing about you I am absolutely certain about. I think anyone who knows you can see that. I myself wish I could be so dedicated and focused. I don’t understand how you can. You are humble, give others respect and empathy and wish the best for all. People have dreams. Usually unachievable. It makes me happy to see that yours were true and you have made them a success. Admirable. I think I just wrote your eulogy. You make us proud. Love you.

  2. Jim Pire says:

    Wow, thanks, Todd. Very sweet. I love you, too. 🙂

  3. Todd M Pire says:

    WTF are you serious? Not only are you rendering the product but adding the typewriter aside? I notice you even labeled the keys correctly. There was no real method in the madness of the placement of letters on the keyboard/typewriter in its design other that one useless secret. DON”T LOOK IT UP. Do you know what it is? Go ahead and guess Clams just don’t cheat by looking it up.

  4. Todd M Pire says:

    You know Graphic design is what I wish I had been able to do. I have the eye for art. I don’t consider what you do as just creating an ad. But I want to critique. Can I do so without upsetting you? I may be wrong but I want to give my suggestions. Can I?

  5. Todd M Pire says:

    Certainly minor issues. The Typewriter. Too small. and tilted to the right in balance too much. The book… would look better id the book on the bottom was a bit thicker (as in more pages and again a little less left tilt. Crazy? Too critical? Certainly doesn’t matter for your purpose. But am I wrong? lol

  6. Todd M Pire says:

    If the start time (listed in the top right) is 10:30 the actual time (bottom right) is 11:34:59. Not 10:45. I solved the murder mystery.

  7. Todd M Pire says:

    According to the center. The machine has been running 1:04:59

  8. Todd M Pire says:

    I have to admit. I don’t know if at that time running the machine is in Marin or still on the golden gate Bridge because there is no gauge telling how many miles per hour this bad boy runs.

  9. Jim Pire says:

    All I did was dump the instrument into a free scene I downloaded and press render. I didn’t model any of it.

  10. Jim Pire says:

    Well, come to think of it, I did model the syringe and slide rule and did some work on the lighting. Also, the pattern on the wall in the back is from a shot of my plaster wall here in the loft.

  11. Todd M Pire says:

    HA HA I forgot to mention Andrews wall. Ok though what about the time?

  12. Jim Pire says:

    The screenshot was sent to me by the developers. I didn’t even read it. I just slapped it onto the 3D model. 🙂

  13. Cindy Agner says:

    This is a great conversation! Todd – I used to know the answer to the typewriter keys question, but it escapes me at the moment. I recognized Andrew’s wall also. 🙂

  14. Todd M Pire says:

    2nd row of letters contain all the letters in the word T Y P E W R I T E R Which no one will know in the near future because they won”t know what a typewriter is.

  15. Cindy Agner says:

    Todd M Pire LOL – You are right. But there’s those pesky Q, O, and U left over.

  16. Jim Pire says:


  17. Cindy Agner says:

    That’s Jetta. She’s at the Rainbow Bridge now but still loved as much as ever.

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