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  1. Wen says:

    Dude, seriously….I think you might have bumped your head real hard…..you’ll need a MUCH BIGGER STOCKING for that!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  2. Cindy says:

    24.5 mp? OMG!

  3. Hugh Caley says:

    I’m going to have to stop putting up with consumer-level cameras. There was a guy at the last rock show I went to who had one of these nice Nikons, who could take shots of people in the barely illuminated crowd that were clear and noiseless. Oh lord … $$$

  4. thedude says:

    Yeah – the low-light capabilities contributed significantly to my Burma shots. Fortunately, you can get 21+ megapixels and the same low-light responsiveness in a much cheaper camera – the Canon 5D Mark II.

  5. Hugh Caley says:

    Still used-car prices, but definitely an improvement 😉

  6. sandy g says:

    Who would want a Canon 5D Mark II?

  7. thedude says:

    I dunno – only a knucklehead, I s’poz.

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