Safely Home

We survived the rest of our amazing trip and the 26 hour flight home, and we’re exhausted. Now comes the hard part – sorting through 4,539 images and getting the best of them up on the site. We are delighted to hear that many of you are waiting for more pictures, and I promise to deliver soon. But first, we’d like to thank a few people.

Thanks to Steve and Grant who were kind enough to loan me their expensive camera gear. I would not have been able to get some of trip’s the best shots without your lens and awesome travel tripod.

Thanks also to our friends who talked us into traveling to this amazing country in the first place. Don, Jum, Chris, Ben, Jerry and Tum – thanks for convincing us that a trip to Burma would be memorable. The trip proved to be everything you said it would be and more.

We’d also like to send a huge thanks to William Myatwunna and his crack team at the award-winning Good News Travels. William is articulate, professional, charming and extremely capable. He and his top-notch team managed to exceed our expectations through the entire trip. We consistently found ourselves in the best rooms in the best hotels with the best views. We felt like royalty. We can not recommend William and Good News Travels highly enough. Five stars.

But the highest praise goes to the guide William chose for us. We spent just two short weeks with Tun, but in that time we became incredibly close. We really looked forward to seeing him each morning – no matter how early. He quickly became much more than a travel guide. You might think we’re both nuts, but we really do miss him. We don’t know how we’ll face the morning without his smile and guidance. Thank you so much, Tun. Our trip was made magical by you.

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  1. Janet and Bernard says:

    Hey Guys,
    Welcome Home! We know exactly what you mean about your guide; we felt the same way about ours from our China trip last year. 26 hours to come home, it only took us 24 hours, hah! Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  2. Julie says:

    welcome home!! can’t wait to see more pix!

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