Ingabo Village

On today’s return trip from the Golden Rock, we made a few stops. The last of our stops was in Ingabo Village where we happened upon the initiation rite for this 12 year old boy. Tomorrow he heads off to the monastery to do a stint as a monk, where he will begin a regimen consisting of 227 strict rules.

But before he goes, there will be much celebration and dancing. After a blessing and feast, the young man is sent off in style on the back of a costumed dancing (or not) horse.

Some things are best described with sound and motion, and this was one of those events. If you’d like to see how the dancer moved and hear the band or if you’d like to see a non-dancing horse and some adorable kids hamming it up, click on the videos below. (Apologies for the poor quality, but that reflects the state of the tech at the time.)

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  1. Andrew says:


    So glad to see your OK and blogging.

    I love the shots you are taking… really knocked out.
    The shot of the boy is jaw dropping. I can’t wait to see a show and tell when you get back. Make sure you use the gigapan!
    Big day on this side of the world tomorrow. We hope to have a glass of Le Champ on your behalf.

  2. Kalvin says:

    Breathtaking photos. I can’t wait to see more. Safe travels you two!

  3. Aunt Mary says:

    Hi Kelly and Jim, Wow those photo’s are great. Just came on as it is a slow day with a clean house and nothing really needed to be done and went onto your site. Sounds wonderful in Burma but not a place where I would be so adventerious to travel. Love the photos and will check in again tomorrow or so. Can’t wait for Den to come home so he can see the photos. Your crying story reminds me of one of our flights back from Europe when a child cried the whole way back, and when we got off in N.Y. my friend Pat and I checked to make sure they weren’t going on to S.F. or we were taking another flight. It is bad.
    Stay safe and have a great time. Love, Aunt Mary

  4. chris burt says:

    An inside joke, but Jim and Kelly will understand now more than ever…”you have a bicycle yet you are not married?”

  5. zalex says:

    really great stuff! i love the colors that your camera captures… keep “shooting”!

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