Schultz Has a Heck of a Lot of… Friends!

He also has a lot of stuff. So much stuff that I suggested to him at his 70th birthday bash today that we need to do some serious shooting before this special place disappears forever. He suggested a coffee table book, and I think that’s a terrific idea. You see, his unique home/workshop/museum is on the endangered list. It may be only a matter of time before developers have their way with the eclectic artist community that has thrived for many years on 5th Avenue west of Embarcadero – the home of some of the most interesting people we’ve ever met and some of the best parties we’ve ever attended.

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  1. Andrew Johnstone says:

    Thanks for catching a piece of all that is “Schultz” before is is just a few wistful stories and maybe a recreated diorama in the corner of some museum.

    When Schultz asked me if I knew someone with a good eye and a keen sense of humor to try to capture this space there was only one person on the list.

    Schultz is a living legend within Bay Area artist community, and I feel proud to call him a close friend.

    In years to come when “those yet to come” try to piece together the history of Oakland, characters like Schultz will be written large next to Jack London, Julia Morgan, Joaquin Miller and of course… Thedude.

  2. Wen says:

    Ah yes, who could forget the fabulous Halloween parties with the great bands and unbelievable costumes?! Hmmm, if only I had my blog then…the stories I could have told. 🙂


  3. Jim Pire says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Wendy! I added a link to the 2001 5th Avenue Halloween party.

  4. Jim Pire says:

    No, I don’t think it did, actually. In this case, I think function follows artform. 🙂

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