Lazy Man’s Time-Lapse


The Bay Area has seen some very interesting weather in the last few weeks. We’ve seen way more than average rainfall and below normal temperatures. I’ve been feeing bad about not getting out to shoot some pictures of the snow, the rainbows or gorgeous fluffy clouds we so rarely see in the Bay Area. Well, this morning I came up with a way to capture some of our weird weather without getting wet – or even leaving my chair!

First, I grabbed the current weather image every sixty seconds from to the Lawrence Hall of Science WebCam using wget on one of my Linux boxes. This camera produces much better image quality than the average webcam, and it would be difficult to find to a more scenic overview of the Bay Area.

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After I had gathered up a few hundred Images, I used the powerful and cool Graphic Converter on my wife’s Mac Mini to produce a Quicktime movie of a day’s worth of spectacular Bay Area weather. The results are so awesome that I will definitely do this again!

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  1. Grant says:

    U lazy ass! Pretty cool though.

  2. Eclectic Julie says:

    omg, this is so cool!

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