Manila Traffic Time Lapse

We had the opportunity to hang out on the 27th floor balcony of a building in the heart of Manila. I realized that this might be my one chance to shoot a time-lapse of the traffic, so I leaned the D2X and the monopod against the railing and started shooting. I had hoped for rush-hour traffic, but we arrived a bit early and had just 40 minutes in which to shoot the 1000 images needed to make this video. Traffic is not as heavy as I’d hoped, but the resulting video is still kinda cool.

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  1. Grant says:

    Hey how did U take a picture of yourself?… My lawyer will B in contact w/U.

  2. Tyler Curran says:

    It looks like Grant (his friend) took the picture because it is credited to him…Whats this about a lawyer?

  3. Tyler Curran says:

    Nvm my above post, I can’t read

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