From Leaf Spring to Machete

This hard-working craftsman spends mornings hammering old automobile leaf springs into 10 knives per day with a minimum of precise hammer blows. The sweltering conditions mean a 5:00 AM to noon workday for this muscular man, who has obviously paid a heavy price for not wearing any sort of protective gear on his face. Our tour guide Neil displays the finished product.

knife_1.jpg knife_2.jpg knife_3.jpg

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  1. This is so cool! Do you know where I can find some more pictures of this process? Or perhaps some more pictures of the finished results?

    What is wrong with the man’s face? You mentioned he doesn’t wear any protective gear, but I don’t see any obvious visible marks on his face.

  2. thedude says:

    Wha? You don’t see the giant scar under his left eye? Have you clicked on the image to view it full-size?

  3. Basilio L Genetiano says:

    I want to know the craftsmen name, address so I can order two 18 inch leaf spring machetes with WaterBuffalo horn handles!!!

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