Happy Birthday Terra!

2005 is a big year for 50th birthday parties, and Terra’s will no doubt be remembered as one of thedude’s favorites.

The party’s hosts have a stunning and eclectic home in the hills above Orinda. The home has an enormous multi-level deck with views from Mt. Diablo to Mt. St. Helena. The entire compound is wired for sound. There are dozens of speakers that bring tunes to the farthest reaches of the property as well as to the pool, the bar and the huge hot tub. Kelly dubbed it the “Boogie Nights” hot tub after seeing its multi-colored light show and built-in audio systems. We learned that there were 17 people in the tub the night before we arrived!

There are flat-screen TV’s in every room, and the house is furnished in massive 18th and 19th century American antiques. We’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Thedude met a lovely young girl with the coolest contact lenses he’d ever seen. Some very tall pro basketball player dude showed up. Our host Jim prepared the absolute best beef ever. The marinated and smoked beef tenderloin was absolutely amazing. It melted in our mouths like sushi. Wow.

Thanks to Steve, Terra, Jim, Jeannie and everyone else for or an incredibly fun time. Let’s do it again – soon!!

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  1. jschlach says:

    the blinking is creepy 🙂

  2. piredude says:

    Ah, but it got your attention, right? It worked exactly as planned. 🙂

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