Pacific Classic in Del Mar

The high point of our weekend was the Pacific Classic – won by long shot Borrego. No, we did not bet – we would have lost if we had – but we had fun looking at the shiny horsies and drinking 8 dollar beers.

paul_kelly_del_mar.jpg jockey.jpg
legs.jpg big_lens.jpg
horsie.jpg borrego.jpg

Many thanks to Paul and Joanna for driving us up and down the highway all weekend. Thanks for the hospitality, the comfortable bed and of course, the delicious Bailey’s and white chocolate cheesecake!

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  1. Hi, My best friend Martin Borrego is getting married in mid-August. He and I were at Del Mar the day that Borrego won the Pacific Classic at 11-1 and we were very happy campers. I was hoping that you would share/forward your photo of Borrego winning the race in August 2005 so i can get it framed and given to him as a Best Man to Groom Gift. I’d like to see if i could get some of the current jockeys at Del Mar to sign it for me also. I live in San Jose, CA and be be reached anytime at 408-209-2883 or 408-269-6066. Cheers, Walt

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