…So Long as They’re Properly Cooked


Friends of thedude will already know that he’s not terribly fond of small animals or children. Nevertheless, he found the mettle to immerse himself in a child-filled world for a couple of frightening hours – in a catholic church no less. Very scary stuff! It wasn’t easy, but the pictures of Shane and Tanya’s son’s baptism came out nice.

aiden_brubaker.jpg moms_n_kids.jpg
little_guy_1.jpg little_guy_2.jpg

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  1. Wen says:

    Geez, TEN frickin’ babies?! Do these people all breed at once? Don’t tell me, there was a power outtage several months ago…..yikes…I’m scared…


  2. Grant says:

    Oh got a pair of gaguzzi’s. I’d never jump into that fire.

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