I made this panorama of the riverfront from the deck of our ship in Dusseldorf without a tripod, and the stitching of the 8 images did not go too well, but you get the idea.


I also made two time-lapse videos of the trip from Koln to Dusseldorf, and they turned out pretty cool, but the files are too large. I’m looking for a way to produce acceptable compressed results.

lunch_dusseldorf.jpg salmon.jpg

It was also in Dusseldorf that we ate the best lunch of the trip. I had lamb fillet in green peppercorn sauce, which was every bit as good as the lamb served at my favorite Bay Area restaurant – Soizic. They prepared salmon in the same sauce, and it too was delicious. It was also here that we first tasted spargel – the white asparagus cherished by Germans. Yum!

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