Castles and Currywurst – The Trip to Koblenz


Today was the first day we saw the sun since arriving in Europe. And what a lovely day it was! Before today, I was worried that I might not get any photos on this trip to rival those of from our Thailand trip. It turns out though, that Germany is home to some pretty fabulous castles. The coffee’s not bad either. Or the currywurst. Or the ice cream.

castle_1.jpg koblenz_church.jpg
castle_2.jpg MARLBURG_CASTLE.jpg
deck_castle.jpg koblenz_coffee.jpg

(I am really surprised at just how dificult it is to get connected to the Internet from Germany. Unlike Thailand, which seemed to have an Internet cafe every 100 feet, they are a few and far between here. We have a computer on the ship, but it has an e-mail only connection, so it is not possible for me to make a blog entry. After three unsuccessful attempts to get on line in K

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  1. Andrew Johnstone says:

    So have the Germans run out of wine yet?

    We miss you , but are glad that you are having a wonderful time. Its great to be able to follow you via your postings.
    The Barbster says “Hi… what are you wearing”? I think shes hanging with a bad crowd. Ah well.

    Oakland uber allus,

  2. Cindy says:

    I love the orange and beige castle! Can you imagine the stairs in that thing? It looks like they’re doing some work on it – there’s a ladder in the tower.
    The pictures of the cities you were in are amazing. I hope I am able to get back to Europe one day, the history and the beautiful buildings fasinate me.
    Glad you’re enjoying the trip. I’ll hope for more sunny weather. Cindy

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